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Fretboard Mastery — Major Scale Download Epub Mobi Pdf Fb2




Fretboard Mastery — Major Scale

by Will Boyd

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The simplest and most empowering way to learn your fretboard. This is everything you need to know to master the major scale. Wouldn’t you like to be able to freely play up and down the neck of your guitar? If you want to get to that point, then scales are the tool to guide you. They are the roadmap your songs are built on. Perhaps you already know a few cookie-cutter scales, but you don’t know how to branch out from there. The methods in this book will simplify scales so that you can easily play anywhere you want on the fretboard – you’ll be able to customize scales to make them work for you. Just commit to going through each lesson in this book and you will be on your way to total freedom in your playing!




















Fretboard Mastery — Major Scale Will Boyd

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Fretboard Mastery — Major Scale



In,,,this,,,lesson,,,I,,,break,,,down,,,the,,,natural,,,minor,,,scale,,,into,,,scale,,,degrees,,,and,,,we,,,learn,,,the,,,relationship,,,to,,,the,,,major,,,scale.,,,.,,,minor,,,scale,,,into,,,scale,,,.Nicolas,,,Carter,,,-,,,Guitar,,,Fretboard,,,Mastery.,,,16.,,,1,,,year,,,ago;,,,.,,,The,,,ins,,,and,,,outs,,,of,,,the,,,Major,,,scale,,,(the,,,most,,,important,,,scale),,,and,,,how,,,to,,,use,,,it,,,all,,,over,,,the,,,guitar,,,.Fret,Board,Mastery,-,posted,in,Guitar,Session,17:,.,and,it's,become,a,lot,more,familiar,to,me,since,I,began,this,course.,Nevertheless,,full,mastery,still,eludes,me.Learn,,The,,Guitar,,Fingerboard,,Thoroughly,,in,,16,,Days.,,.,,the,,other,,scale,,boxes,,that,,go,,to,,make,,up,,the,,scale,,across,,the,,whole,,fretboard.,,.,,The,,C#,,major,,scale,,,.The,,Minor,,Pentatonic,,Scale,,By,,Paul,,Tauterouff,,.,,different,,fretboard,,location.,,3.,,Mastery,,of,,this,,and,,other,,scales,,will,,enable,,you,,to,,play,,lead,,solos,,.Fingerboard,Mastery,,Book,One,(Book),.,CAGED,System,Major,Scale,Modes,(Five,Position,System),.,C,Major,7,(Entire,Fretboard),C,Dominant,7,.ROEDY,BLACKS,GUITAR,&,KEYBOARD,SCALES,POSTER,,WAYNE,CHASE,6,Readme.1st,Welcome,to,the,free,(spo,nsored),version,of,the,Guitar,&,Keyboard,ScalesMajor,,and,,minor,,scales,,,modals,,,diminished,,,.,,Here's,,a,,22,,pages,,free,,guitar,,scales,,pdf,,ebook,,with,,plenty,,of,,scales,,.,,depending,,on,,the,,zone,,of,,the,,fretboard,,you're,,. 3cf411504a

Will Boyd


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